Solving the Task Variant Allocation Problem in Distributed Robotics

José Cano, David R. White, Alejandro Bordallo, Ciaran McCreesh, Anna Lito Michala, Jeremy Singer, and Vijay Nagarajan.

Autonomous Robots, 2018. To Appear.

System Framework for Autonomous Data Processing Onboard Next Generation of Nanosatellite

Steve Greenland, Peter Mendham, David R. White, Mark Post, Bill Crowther.

Reinventing Space, 2017.

GI in No Time

David R. White.

GI 2017.

Github Repo

Genetic Improvement of Software: a Comprehensive Survey

Justyna Petke, Saemundur O. Haraldsson, Mark Harman, William B. Langdon, David R. White and John R. Woodward

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2017.

Deep Parameter Tuning of Concurrent Divide and Conquer Algorithms in Akka

David R. White, Leonid Joffe, Edward Bowles, and Jerry Swan.

EvoApps 2017.


API-Constrained Genetic Improvement

William Langdon, David R. White, Mark Harman, Yue Jia and Justyna Petke

SSBSE 2016.


Multi-objective Regression Test Suite Minimisation for Mockito

Andrew Turner, David R. White and John Drake

SSBSE 2016.


Guiding Unconstrained Genetic Improvement

David R. White

GI 2016.


Task Variant Allocation in Distributed Robotics

Jose Cano, David R. White, Alejandro Bordallo, Ciaran McCreesh, Patrick Prosser, Jeremy Singer, and Vijay Nagarajan.

RSS 2016.


Search-based Refactoring: Metrics are Not Enough

Chris Simons, David R. White, and Jeremy Singer.

SSBSE 2015.


Rethinking Genetic Improvement

David R. White and Jeremy Singer.

Genetic Improvement 2015.


The Programming Game: Evaluating MCTS as an Alternative to GP for Symbolic Regression

David R. White, Shin Yoo, and Jeremy Singer.

GECCO 2015.


If you’re looking for resources for this paper, please get in touch! We unfortunately lost some of the RNG  seeds for part of our experimentation, but repeating the experimentation gives consistent results. Drop me an email and I will explain!

Evaluating Lossy Collections for Java Applications

Jeremy Singer and David R. White.

Workshop on Approximate Computing Across the System Stack (WACAS 2015).


JVM-hosted Languages: They Talk the Talk, but do They Walk the Walk?

Wing Hang Li, David R. White, Jeremy Singer

PPPJ 2013.


The Glasgow Raspberry Pi Cloud: A Scale Model for Cloud Computing Infrastructures

Fung Po Tso, David R. White, Simon Jouet, Jeremy Singer, Dimitrios Pezaros

International Workshop on Resource Management of Cloud Computing 2013.


Cloud Computing and SBSE

David R. White

SSBSE 2013. Invited Tutorial Paper.


Control Theory for Principled Heap Sizing

David R. White, Jeremy Singer, Jonathan M. Aitken, Richard E. Jones

ISMM 2013.

Resources for recreating our work


Cloud Engineering is Search Based Software Engineering Too

Mark Harman, Kiran Lakhotia, Jeremy Singer, David R. White, Shin Yoo.

Journal of Systems and Software 2013.


Better GP Benchmarks: Community Survey Results and Proposals

David R. White, James McDermott, Mauro Castelli, Luca Manzoni, Brian W. Goldman, Gabriel Kronberger, Wojciech Jaskowksi, Una-May O’Reilly, Sean Luke.

Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines.


Searching for Pareto-optimal Randomised Algorithms

Alan G. Millard, David R. White and John A. Clark

SSBSE 2012.

Won best paper prize.


The GISMOE challenge: Constructing the Pareto Program Surface Using Genetic Programming to Find Better Programs

Mark Harman, William B. Langdon, Yue Jia, David R. White, Andrea Arcuri and John A. Clark

ASE 2012. Keynote paper.


Automated Heap Sizing in the Poly/ML Runtime

David R. White, Jeremy Singer, Jonathan M. Aitken, and David Matthews.

Trends in Functional Programming 2012.


Genetic Programming Needs Better Benchmarks

James McDermott, David R. White, Sean Luke, Luca Manzoni, Mauro Castelli, Leonardo Vanneschi, Wojciech Jaśkowski, Krzysztof Krawiec, Robin Harper, Kenneth De Jong, Una-May O’Reilly.

GECCO 2012.


Note that this paper is subject to ongoing edits and the definitive version is available via the website.

Website and resources for this paper.

Software review: the ECJ toolkit.

David R. White

Genetic Programming and Evolvable Machines. Online first, 2011.


Searching for Invariants using Genetic Programming and Mutation Testing.

Sam Ratcliff, David R. White and John A. Clark.

GECCO 2011.

Won best paper prize in the SBSE track.


Resources for recreating our work.

Evolutionary Improvement of Programs.

David R. White, Andrea Arcuri and John A. Clark.

IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary Computation, 2011.


Genetic Programming for Low-Resource Systems.

David R. White.

PhD Thesis. University of York, 2010.

Nominated for a BCS distinguished thesis award.


Fine-Grained Timing using Genetic Programming.

David R. White, Juan M. E. Tapiador, Julio Cesar Hernandez-Castro and John A. Clark

EuroGP 2010.


A Rigorous Evaluation of Crossover and Mutation in Genetic Programming

David R. White and Simon Poulding.

EuroGP 2009


Resources for recreating our work

Multi-Objective Improvement of Software using Co-evolution and Smart Seeding.

Andrea Arcuri, David R. White, John Clark, Xin Yao.

SEAL 2008


Searching for Resource-Efficient Programs: Low-Power Pseudorandom Number Generators.

David R. White, John Clark, Jeremy Jacob, Simon Poulding.

GECCO 2008.